Whole Wheat Tortillas 


Who loves taco night?!? Me me me!!

There are very few food items as versatile as a good tortilla. You can use them for tacos, burritos, casserole layers, wrap sandwiches, toasted as a snack or chip (or conduit to scoop hummus or other such yumminess into ones mouth…). The problem is that it’s super hard to find a tortilla without a paragraph long ingredient list. Which is CRAZY!!!!!

I said no way, and went about searching Pinterest for an alternative. We tried a few recipes but settled on this one  from 100 days of real food for its ease, and taste. This is one of my go to blogs for healthy family cooking so it was no surprise she won my tortilla recipe battle. Here is her recipe which is super easy to follow but if you want to cook along with me check out my how to video also.

 Just a little tip-  once the dough balls are ready they can be difficult to roll as thin as typical store bought tortillas so if you think you may make them regularly it’s worth investing in a tortilla press- it makes a WORLD of difference.

Here’s the one I use: https://www.target.com/p/victoria-cast-iron-tortilla-press/-/A-18852224

Here is my video- check it out and give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

When using my press I just cut open aziploc bag to keep the tortilla from sticking.

And also sometimes if they are thick it can be helpful to double heat them to avoid the taste of raw flour in the center, or as you finish each one in the pan throw them on a baking sheet and keep warm in the oven on a low temp to help dry out the center if it did not cook through completely.

Then, top with yumminess of your choice and enjoy!

~eat well, be well




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