Holiday Hangover

Oh holidays, how you try to break a good routine!

If you follow along here you will know that I do not advocate ‘Diets’ but rather the idea of making lifestyle changes that are sustainable. This means it’s ok to splurge a bit on the holidays because you know you will get right back to those good decisions the next day. 

I have 3 kids, so Christmas brings cookies and Halloween and Easter bring candy and no matter how much I try to limit it somehow there is always more than I hoped for. But they are kids and some holiday candy is not going to kill them. I do however make them put it in a bowl and asking permission to eat a piece when they want it to help them learn about moderation (and avoid a super upset tummy from the shock of all that sugar at once).

Candy is not my problem though (especially because I purposefully give them things I know won’t tempt me). For me, the temptation is the baked goods. They were a luxurious treat when I was little and I associate them with special occasions. These kind of emotional tie to food is what gets so many of us in trouble. I keep trying to find alternatives for food when I celebrate or when I’m upset or when I’m angry or when I feel like a failure but I still can’t help wanting to bake something special for holidays. Enter morning muffins and Easter cake. DON DON DON…..

Is it ok to have had them on Easter? In my book – heck yes. The problem now is the leftovers. There are muffins begging not to be wasted and most of a lemon cake calling my name. I know I should choose yogurt or a smoothie instead but I hate to waste those muffins… 

Am I alone here? 

It’s hard.

So I have been coming up with alternatives to wasting these things without actually eating them myself or forcing them on my kids so I don’t eat them. I could have some friends over for coffee and put them out on the table. Have a preschool play date and cut them into smaller pieces. Maybe put them on a plate with a note for a new neighbor or send them to the office with my husband to put out near the coffee pot. 

Wish me luck battling my inner cake loving demons!!! And if this is happening to you share some of your ideas-


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