New Year, New Goals

So here it is, New Years. The time of year we all take a good look at ourselves inside and out and come up with a laundry list of things we want to change. 

How does that work out for you every year? Lots of us lose our motivation or forget what we were trying to accomplish or just plain old give up on all of those resolutions. What if this year could be different and you powered through and reached your goal. Wouldn’t that feel amazing?!?? I think so!

One of the best ways to ensure success reaching those New Years goals is to really put some careful thought into them. Ask yourself this:

Are your expectations reasonable? 

For example do you want to run a marathon this year but have not walked a mile since they required you to in high school? Maybe modify the goal to wanting to complete a 5k or 10k, or instead of a one time goal how about challenging yourself to  walk or run twice a week for the next three months. These goals are steps toward the marathon. You are not abandoning the big goal, just setting reasonable and attainable smaller steps to help you get closer to it without feeling overwhelmed. 

Every single journey starts with a small step. Here are a few ideas-

I will eat 2 more veggies every day.

I will take the stairs at work.

I will watch 1 less show at night and get more sleep instead. 

I will cut out soda and drink water instead.

I will take a walk 3 days a week.

I will try out a new aerobic workout class every month.

What’s your small step? Where will it lead you, how will completing it make you feel?

You can do it. Every little change you make will help you towards the bigger changes you dream about. Let’s make this next year awesome together. If you need help setting your goals or would like to discuss your personal goals but need help breaking them down into specific small changes to use as building blocks feel free to contact me via message here or on my Facebook page (Patty Jones Fitness) and I would love to help you individually. 

~eat well, be well



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