Zucchini pumpkin muffins

Oh my gosh- YUM!

I was digging through my produce drawer and realized I had a few zuchinni I needed to use up and half a can of pumpkin purée from thanksgiving. I did a quick search for clean recipes and sifted through 100+ before I found this one that seemed perfect! Not too much egg (my kids hate the eggy texture mist clean baked goods have), and no added sugar (this one uses honey for sweetness). I followed the recipe I found here on Ambitious Kitchen except that I added an extra TBSP of honey, pumpkin pie spice instead of ginger, nutmeg and clove (because I had already blended it last week) and a little extra pumpkin and zucchini (because I had a little more than a cup of each to use up). I have to tell you that they taste AMAZING right out of the oven. I did mini muffins and they took about 25-30 minutes to bake thru.

These are so good I’m going to whip up a batch for a new neighbor. Now I have to go and eat some more of these before my kids get to them! 

~eat well, be well



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