Beat the Bloat

So I don’t know about you but I may have had one too many pieces of pie this week. I’m not upset with myself though, I allow for real life in my realistic eating plans and even if I fall off the wagon for a bit I try to always remember that 


You can have a fancy meal, eat an extra dessert once in awhile, make several less than stellar choices in a row, even occasionally find yourself sitting on the floor with an empty bag of bite size Oreos next to you after a stressful emotional meltdown…it happens to the best of us. 

The key is how you handle it and recover. Here are a few tips to get back into your groove:

1)Give away dessert leftovers to guests as they leave, if it’s not in the house it can’t tempt you

2)stay hydrated- water will help flush out your holiday meal and beat the bloat and it will also keep you full so you don’t snack as much

3)don’t eat stuff just because you don’t want to waste it, leave it for someone else or dump very unhealthy leftovers after the big day- just think about it as if your guests had polished it all off.

4)get moving. Take a walk, get to the gym, have a family dance party- however you like to increase your daily calorie burn, go for it and have fun!

Don’t let a splurge meal knock you off track. If you are upset with yourself look in the mirror and forgive yourself and let’s move onward together! 

~eat well, be well



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