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1 Exercise, Huge Payoffs

Who doesn’t want more bang for their buck?!?

There are so many exercises but some you hear about over and over. There is a reason for that, they work.

The one we are going to talk about today is the lunge.

Why do I want to lunge you ask? Why not! Lunges are a super exercise. So many benefits. They are fabulous at strengthening your glutes and quads, activating hamstrings, engaging your core and improving balance and stability while increasing hip flexor flexibility and keeping the load off your spine and lower back. All in one simple move?!? Sign me up-

But as with any exercise, proper form is key. Some people are afraid of lunges because of knee pain. If that’s a concern for you, stick to reverse lunges or standing lunges where you are less likely to allow the knee to move too far forward thereby keeping the shearing force off your knee cap and allowing the work to be in your thighs instead.

The perfect lunge will have you keeping  your front knee lined up over your ankle- it should never come forward of your toes and then take the back leg behind you, lifting your heel and balancing on the ball of your foot to lower down your back knee toward the ground while keeping your chest up and abs engaged.

There are tons of variations and arm motions or weights you can add to this but even in its most basic form this exercise should be a staple in your weekly workout routines.
Lunge away folks and reap the rewards!



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