Strong is So Beautiful!

This morning I had a chance to workout with an amazing woman. She is so determined. No matter what I throw at her she embraces the challenge. Sometimes there is a learning curve, sometimes we have to make adjustments but I love that she never drops the weights and walks away, never emotionally or mentally shuts down on me. She is always present in the moment and willing to work hard for the results she wants. Her strength of body and mind are inspiring.

This is the kind of person we should use as our role models. Not ultra skinny “oops, I forgot to eat breakfast (for the last 10 years)” models. Real women. Women that come in all shapes and sizes. Women with or without curves. Women with muscles. Women who have to make the choice to do what they and their bodys need even when its not an easy choice. Women who are strong in spirit and determined. Someone who sets a goal and takes the steps needed to reach it. Overcoming obstacles, pushing a little further, growing and surviving. That is the kind of woman I want to be.

Sexy and beautiful is not about your weight or your clothing size. It’s about your attitude, your soul and your self worth. When all of that comes together, you can start overcoming your barriers to success and reaching your goals. So all together– let’s leave the excuses at the door, or better yet, mail them off to Timbuktu and start saying YES to you, commit to yourself and follow through. That is pure strength and beauty.

Be strong, Be amazing, you can do it!!!!!




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