Week 4 Workouts

Ok my friends. By now you have (hopefully) been through my week 1, week 2, and week 3 workouts. Building strength, muscle endurance and confidence in yourself.

This week I up the anty by taking those repetition numbers up high and again stringing together exercises that compliment each other. If at any point you feel like its too much, take a break. Drink some water, breathe and then continue. When you give up on something you have started the only person you are letting down is yourself. No one is timing you or keeping track of how fast you do these exercises. If this is the first daily workout routine you have tried than simply continuing on. Finishing what you started and learning some new exercises is succeeding. If you are already a fit and efficient machine, than by all means crank these bad boys out, but no matter what level you are at right now remember that you are only competing with yourself. You do it, or you don’t. You succeed or you stop. You need to be your biggest cheerleader and you need to embrace your achievements and forgive your failures.

Now on to the next few days of workouts, I’m am going to shorten up those descriptions because you should have already done all these exercises in the last few weeks but if you need a refresher on body position or proper form please just click the week workout links above to revisit them!

Day 22: 22 Side Lunges

Does that sound like a lot? Reaching the point in an exercise where your muscles fatigue is the point at which you really start to change your body. Don’t be afraid of the first signs of fatigue or muscle shake. Take a break if you need it but then keep going. Every small challenge you overcome gets you closer to those larger long term goals.

Day 23: 23 Squats, 23 Push-ups, 23 Jumping Jacks

Don’t forget to move your hips back behind you as you squat, taking some of that shearing force off your knees. Then move into the plank postion and really give your chest and arms  some fun with all those pushups. Make sure you come up slowly, get a drink of water and then lets raise that heart rate with some jumping jacks! Think about a nice wide jack but landing softly with every foot placement trying to sound light and graceful as you land.

Day 24: 24 Mountain Climbers and 24 Reverse Lunges

These two are all about those knees, for the mountain climbers pull those knees up and close to your belly and for the reverse lunges step back and really try to drop that back knee close to the floor and then drive through the front heel to come back up.

Day 25: 25 Burpees!

Remember these? Are you starting to love them as much as me yet? Remember to take them at your own level, stepping back one leg at a time or jumping back to that plank, adding a jump to the end or just reaching for the sky. Compare this round to the first set you did a few weeks ago. What is easier this time, what can you do better now?

Day 26: 3 Planks, 26 seconds each

Hold those planks up! Watch your bum and don’t let it creep up toward the ceiling as your arms and core start to get tired, form is important here. You can do these straight armed or on your forearms whichever feels better to you.

Day 27: 27 Jumping Jacks

Get your heart rate up and Jump baby Jump! (I am toatlly aging myself here but I can’t help but feel like Kriss Kross is singing for me and cheering me on!)

Day 28: 28 Squat Jumps

More jumping you ask? Why yes! But this time use the power of those glutes and drive up pushing off and reaching up to the sky. Did you get some air? Aim higher every jump and picture yourself in the final scenes of a feel good basketball movie taking that ball right up to the basket for the winning score! Ok , that’s going a little too far but seriously, I am positive you are looking strong right now.

Day 29: 29 Push-ups, 29 Curl-ups/Sit-ups

Use those arms, work those abs.

Day 30: 30 Minutes of moderate Intensity Cardio

Moderate intensity cardio means at a speed or level at which your body feels like you are working, your heart rate rises to 65-80% of your maximum heart rate, you are sweating a bit but you still have control of your breathing. You are not gasping for air, or exerting so much energy that you can not withstand the work for longer than a few minutes at a time. Great choices here are brisk walking, jogging, indoor cycling,or rowing.

Day 31: 31 Burpees!

You know the drill, down, back, forward and up. Believe it and you can achieve it!!!

Oh My Goodness, did you see that? Go look in the mirror. That person you see…did it. Slayed it. Killed it. Finished.

You completed what you started, you challenged yourself and won.

I am so proud of you and you should be also! I hope you enjoyed our month together please keep coming back for more tips on exercises, fun ways to incorporate fitness into your daily routine and also some delicious and healthy recipes to help compliment your activity.

Thanks for playing with me!




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