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Week 3 Workouts

Wow! You are halfway through the month and hopefully feeling stronger than ever. If you are new here, check out my week 1 and week 2 posts. As the numbers get higher these daily challenges become a little more challenging but don’t give up. Finish it, push through, believe it is worth it and that you are worth putting in the effort and time. I know you can do it but you have to know that also!

So now that I have given you a big old pat on the back and you are feeling proud and strong and motivated, let’s get to it.

Day 15: 15 minutes of Cardio

Aren’t I so nice and sweet letting you choose your own workout today? Cardio exercise is a crucial part of any fitness plan. Depending on your fitness level, and likes and dislikes this could be walking, jugging, running, cycling, or an aerobic type workout class (extra points if you take a group class that exceeds 15 minutes!)

Day 16: 16 Ice Skaters


Begin with your abs pulled in, and your feet a little less than shoulder- width apart. Bend your right knee and bring your leg behind you and as far to the right as you can without touching the  floor. Bend your right leg and contract your inner  thighs. Come back to center and repeat to the other side. To make this harder push off your front leg and jump to the other side adding a cardio element to it and using explosive power with every directional change. To make it easier start with a sturdy chair in front of you and holding the back of the chair to keep your balance lift the left leg out to the side and then drop it back behind the right leg while you bend your right knee to drop closer toward the floor, if you are using this modification do 8 on one side, then 8 on the other and repeat so you end up doing 16 on each side. Whether you are moving slowly or quickly through these or using a chair always remember to contract your  thighs and engage your abs.  This move works your abs and lower back as well as  your hips, butt, and outer thighs.

Day 17: 17 Squat Jumps

This exercise is awesome for your quadriceps (thighs). It also activates your core and just about every other muscle in your lower body, including your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. A jump squat is great for athletic performance, but if your focus is on weight loss than try and drop deeper into each squat for a little extra burn. To perform this exercise start with feet shoulder width apart and arms in a power position in front of you. Drop down into a deep squat and then push off and spring into the air. You are long and strong and if anyone is watching they are worried you are going to crash into the ceiling because you got so much air! Land both feet at the same time on the balls of your feet and then roll your weight back onto your entire foot and immediately drop back down into the deep squat position. If you can bust these out all in a row with no rest that will give you some great return for your effort but if you need to do only a few in a row and then rest for a few seconds before getting back to it don’t be afraid to do that. Better to do them slowly and controlled than give up halfway through. Ready, Set, JUMP!

Day 18: 5 Planks (18 seconds each)


You should be a pro at this plank position now and luck for you there is no push up involved this time. Just hold this plank strong and long. do 5 seperate planks holding each one for 18 seconds. Variations include dropping down to your elbows (this is especially good if you have carpal tunnel or otehr wrist issues and is still just as great for your core) also to make it a little harder try to lift one foot up off the ground while you plank, challenging your balance and focus.

Day 19: 19 Mountain Climbers



No, you don’t need to go find a real mountain to climb- although I’m down with that if you would prefer! But really, for these we are going to get back into our plank position and focusing on a nice flat strong back with hands directly under each shoulder we are going to move those legs. One at a time lift a leg and pull that knee in tight toward your belly, then take it back out and repeat with the opposite leg. That is 1 mountain climber. Speed is up to you here, the slower you do them the longer you have to hold that plank position and it allows for you to really work on your form and body position, if you are just starting out I recommend the slightly slower speed. If you are looking for power and a heart rate booster pick those knees up and bust through these with no pause between feet. As one foot comes back down you are already lifting the other one in toward your belly.

Day 20: 20 Burpees

Oh Yes, they are back. Lets do them together- 20 ready, take a deep breath and, GO.


Day 21: 21 Surrenders (weights optional)


This one is much easier to see in the pictures than it is to describe but begin with your feet hip width apart and arms up in a “surrender” position. I use weights here to increase the burn in my lower legs, and also challenge my shoulders throughout the exercise but you do not need to use weights if you don’t want to. Step back with one leg dropping that knee all the way down to the floor. At this poiunt your body should be full of 90 degree angles. Your arms, and each leg. Next, move your front leg back to place that knee next to the other one. Now you are kneeling on the floor, arms still up, back strong and core engaged. Now take the foot you began with out in front of you so your leg is at a 90 degree angle in front and then drive through that heel squeezing through your leg and glutes to pull yourself back to a standing position with your arms still raised up. That’s right, no using those hands to push off your thigh to help you stand. You can do it.

Great job! If you are still with me, I appreciate it and I hope you are feeling stronger. One more week- don’t forget to check back next Friday for the last few days of the challenge!

And as always if you have questions or need extra support or advice or motivation please feel free to contact me either by commenting below or on my facebook page Patty Jones Fitness.



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