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Hard ‘Baked’ Eggs

IMG_0803The power of an egg. I don’t know why, but adding a hard boiled egg to a salad always makes it feel much more like a meal. Or at least a little fancier and more filling but lets face it, who wants to boil an egg every day before lunch to have one on hand? I like to grab half my eggs each week and boil them so they are super easy to grab and chop up to add to a salal or just eat whole as a protein packed snack. If you are as bad as me about watching water boil (or forgetting too) and so trying to figure out of your egg is actually boiled is an issue than you have got to try this version of cooking that egg straight through.

Place your eggs in a muffin pan (so they dont roll all over the oven) and bake for 30 minutes in a preheated 350 degree oven. When you pull htem out put them into a bowl of ice to cool them, off and stop the baking process and then peel and enjoy or save for later in the week.

*disclaimer* if you fall in love with this method and think you will do it for Easter eggs, maybe don’t. The only negative to this method I have found is that the eggs tend to get a little hot spot where they touch the metal muffoin pan and although it doesn’t mee with the taste at all it makes for not gorgous white pristine eggs for dying and decorating. My kids were not exactly thrilled with me last year but I got creative and turned the more visble spots into eyes and beaks.


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