Week 2 Workouts

Week 2 Workouts

Well, how do you feel? Did you have any issues with week 1? if something was hard make a mental note of it and then if that exercise comes back around compare how it feels as you get stronger. Now this week we are going to kick it up a notch. Last week we focused on one exercise at a time, focusing on great form and getting used to carving out some time in your day to get moving. This week we are going to string together multiple exercises into sets on several days and a few of the exercises will allow you to start adding weights if you are ready for that.

Any time I ask you to use some weights you can of course use hand weights if you have some available but if you don’t, some options are to do these exercises with no weights at all or grab some household items like canned vegetables, or bottled water to have something to hold onto that increases the challenge slightly just make sure you use something that weighs the same in each hand.

So here we go, lets get right to it:

Day 8: 8 Squats, 8 Push-ups and 8 Jumping Jacks


IMG_0874_edited-1   IMG_0901_edited-2


This is a great whole body set hitting your lower body with those squats, the upper body with the push ups and then getting that heart rate up with some jumping jacks. We went over most of these exercises last week so now lets just put them together for a more powerful kick start to your day. When doing your push up begin with your hands lined up under your shoulders, pushing through your arms and chest to lift off the ground and keeping your back nice and straight. Lower down as far as you can toward the floor each time. If you need to modify this you can do them on your knees and if you want a challenge put your feet up on a stable surface higher that your arm position (like a step). Feel free to repeat this whole set up to 3 or 4 times in a row if you feel good!

Day 9: 9 Front-Raises/9 Lateral Raises

This is one of the times I encourage you to grab some weights. Start with light ones or again, you can use bottled water or go old school Richard Simmons and grab some matching cans of vegetables. Start standing with you legs hip width apart, a nice neutral spine and shoulders back and pushed down to help keep them from creeping up toward your ears.

For the front raises, keep your arms straight with the weights in front of your thighs. Slowly lift your arms out in front of you stopping when they are raised to about 90 degrees or parallel to the floor. Now slowly lower them back down to your starting position. Don’t rush the descent, there is a lot of benefit to this part of the motion and you hate to miss out on half the fun. Each lift and lower should be slow and controlled. Focus on keeping your core strong, back neutral and shoulders down and even. If they start creeping up at the top of the motion try to stop your arms just below parallel and see if that helps you control your body position better.

Now for the side raises. Again, we are going to start off in a nice strong neutral postion with back long and core strong. Hips square and lined up over your ankles and arms with weights down straight at your sides. Slowly lift each arm away from your body trying to keep your arms straight and shoulders down away from your ears. This one may be hard to do with weights, if you need to drop them feel free or shorten your range of motion and stop before you get all the way to the top. Ideally you are lifting your arms together and outward until they make a stright line parallel to the floor so your body makes a nice strong T position. Take both the upward and down portion of the move slowly and keep that belly tight!

Day 10: 10 Burpees!!

You know you are excited to see this one return! If you had to modify these last week see if you can complete one or two at a slightly higher level than you did last week. If you still need to step back and modify your push up do not be afraid to do that though. Listen to your body and find the amount of work that challenges you while not pushing yourself beyond a safe level. Feeling strong and looking to increase your challenge? add a tuck jump at the end or double up the push up’s in the middle! Make it fun and feel the burn.

Day 11: 11 Crunches/11 Back Extensions


Crunches are a basic staple to a great workout and you are probably already familiar with how to perform them but just remember, a crunch is not a full sit up. Gone are the days of the PE teacher yelling at you to get those elbows all the way up to your knees! Smaller is better, allowing you to isolate the rectus abdominus (or that main sexy muscle in the front of your belly). Start by laying flat on your back with your knees bent and the heels of your feet only a few inches from your bum. cross your arms placing your hands at you shoulders or bring your hands to your temples with palms out, and elbows away from the body, whichever feels more comfortable. Before beginning tighten through your core, imagine your belly muscles closing in all the way around your abdomen as if you are tighteneing a belt. While exhaling, bring your shoulder blades off the ground fairly quickly, sqeezing through your belly trying to really pull the bottom of your rib cage toward your hips. Hold for a one to two second count, then slowly release back to the floor as you inhale. Beginning the next repetition when the head and shoulders are just about to touch the ground allows the muscles to stay engaged throughout the whole set really firing that muscles and helping it get stronger and build endurance.
    IMG_0923_edited-2IMG_0924_edited-2Back Extensions focus on the opposing muscle to the rectus abdominus and help build strength in your lower back. If these cause any sort of pain either stop performing them completely or allow your upper body to remain on the floor and only lift your legs up and see if the pain is removed. To begin, lie on your stomach, facedown, arms straight out in front of you, palms down, and legs straight out behind you.Pull in your abs tight, creating a strong core and providing stabilization of your spine before you biegin to move. When you are ready, lift your arms and legs about one inch off the floor as you exhale, and stretch out as much as you can. Attempt to keep a nice neutral spine keeping your head in line with your back. If this is too ontense for you options are to lift one leg and arm at a time or lift only the upper body or only the lower body. Once you have lifted off the floor, hold this position for about 5 seconds and then slowly lower your arm and leg back down. Repeat 11 times, inhaling as you lower, exhaling as you raise up. Keeping your core engaged and stretching through your body trying to find as much length through the movement as possible. As you get stronger see if you can lift up a little higher or hold the upward position slightly longer each time. 

Day 12: 12 Step-up to Balance with a Curl to Press


The pictures are easier to follow for this than a long typed description. If you don’t happen to have a step in your house (mine is a circa 2002 “The Firm” special) you can simply use the lowest step of a stair case or any other solid surface between 6 and 12 inches high. Start in what should be starting to sound like our standard position, neutral spine, shoulders down and pulled back so your shoulder blades are laying flat on your back, toes lined up just behind the step. Step up with one foot as you do a bicep curl with your arms. You can either step the second foot up and land next to the first one solid on the step or you can lift the second leg up lifting through it until the knee is bent and your thigh is parallel to the floor. As you move that second leg rotate your hands so your palms face out and then press them up and overhead (with weights if you desire). Keep those hips nice and straight, squeeze your belly to help maintain your balance and then step back down as you lower the weights back down to their original position. 12 on the first leg and then switch and do 12 more leading with the opposite leg.

to see it in action here is a quick video:

Day 13: 13 Reverse lunges (each leg)


This lunge is similar to the forward lunges we did last week but because we step backward into it instead of forward it helps you keep your back a little straighter and protects your knees from pushing too far forward and allows you to really sink down into it and hit those glutes and hamstring muscles. Start with your feet hip width apart and shoulders back. Lift one foot and take a large step backwardand then slowly lower your hips down towrd the floor stopping when your front leg is at about a 90 degree angle. To come back up, push through your front foot, driving through your heel and squeezing through the whole front leg up to the bum squeezing those glutes tight and lifting up until the back leg returns to its original position. Try to keep your hands on your hips to force your belly to be tight helping you to maintain your balance and also to keep them from pushing against your thigh to help yourself lift back up. By allowing your legs to do the work you will get the maximum benefit from this move. Now repeat- lucky 13 on each leg!

Day 14: 14 Squats/14 Push-ups/14 Jumping Jacks


IMG_0874_edited-1   IMG_0901_edited-2


Did I hear you groan? Take that back my friend, you can do it. Lower body, upper body, cardio. Lets go!!!

Now this week was a bit more of a challange than last week but I know you did it! Trying is winning, perserverance is sucess and improvement is your reward. For daily encouragement from me and a reminder of your daily workout make sure you follow me on Facebook at Patty Jones Fitness.

Be strong, be awesome. Be the best version of you possible!



4 thoughts on “Week 2 Workouts

  1. I fell behind this weekend so I just completed day 9 and 10. Ohhh how I love Burpies!!! Can’t wait for the new wk and challenges!!


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