Valentine’s Breakfast

I know you have all seen the hundreds of variations of Valentine’s day pancakes.
Heart shaped pancakes.
red velvet pancakes,
pancakes covered in whipped cream and strawberries,
cute animals holding hearts shaped pancakes.
And then there are the muffins-
Man, who knew there were so many varieties of
red berry filled muffins?!?!
Not a morning person?
Don’t want to wake up an hour early
just so your spouse or kids don’t feel deprived
of a pinterest worthy breakfast?
Have I got a cheat meal for you!
Best part- it takes about 5 minutes!
First, put a piece of toast
in the toaster.
Grab a plate and a plastic cookie cutter
put a few drops of olive oil on a paper towel and
rub it on the inside of the cutter
and on a microwave safe plate.
Put the cookie cutter in the center of the plate,
Break the egg into the cutter
(if you like the yolk whole be careful here
but if you prefer scrambled
just take a fork to it and carefully
mix it up inside the cutter)


pour just enough water on top of the egg
to slightly cover it,
place it in the microwave for about 45 seconds
(longer or shorter depending on how you like your yolk
I did 45 and the yolk was cooked through)
If a bit of egg has seeped under the edge of the cutter just scrape it away


Now your toast should have popped up.
Use the same cutter or a different one
to cut it into a valentine worthy  shape,
then put a touch of red preserves on it for a pop of color.
Slide a knife under the egg
(the oil should make this easy)
and place on a plate with your
super fancy toast cut out
and serve.
It’s a total cheat but it
tastes great and is a super fast easy and healthy way
to tell that special someone how much you care
without having to lose any precious sleep or make a zillion extra dishes….
Happy Valentine’s Day.
~Eat well, be well

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