Sorry for the Busy Month!

  Sorry I have been a little absent lately. 
We have been busy painting kids rooms and rearranging things to
make room for baby #3 and we had a few birthdays to celebrate,
a fun family run 
(my 2 year old ran a mile and my barely 7 year old did her 5K in under 42 minutes!)
teaching lots of classes at the gym the last few months,
family in town all last week,
Thanksgiving to prepare for and enjoy,
family friends visiting this weekend and then our annual
Christmas Tree decorating day yesterday and well…
our meals have been a little boring in the middle of all of that
so I have not had anything super exciting to share.
And I admit that after a super early trip to the airport Saturday morning 
my sweet husband brought home Dunkin Donuts. 
It was our sons first exposure and I am pretty sure he is a fan
but I definitely enjoyed our little naughty family donut moment together!!
But It’s Monday and the beginning of December.
I know I will be making some treats for neighbors and baking with my little’s 
so I need to make great choices everywhere I can. 
That mean hello shakeology for breakfast!
Super delicious and incredibly healthy.
Seriously, last year when we started drinking it I thought I would hate it.
I had tried all sorts of protein drinks or meal replacements and hated them all except slim fast…
but lets be honest, slim fast does not slim you fast…. 
and it’s not even that good of a nutritious meal replacement-
but I digress, the first few days of shakeology I did not like it but 
now I do and my body feels great when I am consistent with it!
So this morning I whipped myself up one with some milk, ice and peppermint extract 
and headed to the basement for a date with Denise Austin.
That’s right, no gym for me today.
I have Placenta Previa and my abs have started to split
(leaving me with a crazy triangular baby belly at times!)
Anyway, all of that means if I want to keep teaching my Spinning classes I need to 
back off some of my other workouts so back to basics
and some second trimester toning with my annoying but old friend
Denise (seriously…her voice is crazy- some weird mix of calming, sweet and uber annoying
if you have never had the pleasure of hearing it yourself.)
So, forgive my absence I will try and be much much better this month-
Remember to make good choices and always listen to your body.
~eat well, be well


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