Voices in my Head

Do you have voices in your head-
or is that just me?
I really hope it’s not
but if it is that’s ok
I’m weird (and a little crazy)
and I own that.
I do have voices though.
When I was a kid they
told me to make quacking noises in science class
while the teacher was talking 
and I got my name on the board.
When I was in Navy bootcamp
they told me to keep my head down
and mouth closed and managed to get me through
relatively unscathed.
When I was in my 20’s they told me to go ahead and have another drink…
As a mom they tell me to calm down-
Screaming isn’t going to get you anywhere.
I tell my kids the voices in their head 
are God and the Devil talking to them
and that they should pick the one they believe is God and listen to him,
I wish I had taken that advice myself when I was younger.
But there are other voices also.
Ones that tell you about yourself.
What do those voices say?
Do they tell you you are strong?
You are worthy?
You can do it?
Push you to keep going?
Help you make good choices?
or do they tell you
you’re a failure?
You  can’t do that
Tell you to give up
Call you names or 
tell you you are weak
or unworthy?
I have heard those negative voices.
In fact I struggle with them to the point that
in my early 20’s I found myself in the 
deepest darkest kind of place that any human being can find themselves.
But I was pulled out of it with the support and love from a few people
that saw more in me than I saw in myself.
People who told me over and over that those voices were wrong.
But boy were the voices loud and hard to ignore!
After some time I realized that I controlled the voices.
In order to fight them off I just had to change what they were saying.
I started waking up every day and telling myself something positive.
People love me.
I am smart.
I am funny.
I am worthy.
and eventually it worked.
You may read this story
(which by the way I have never shared publicly before)
and think it has nothing to do with you
or that you have never had a battle like this in your head.
But I ask if you have ever looked in the mirror and thought
I am fat
I am ugly
or stood watching someone run by and thought
I could never do that
or seen a person eating a packed lunch 
at a catered conference and thought
I could never have that discipline
Seen someone lifting weights on TV
and told yourself you were not capable of that
Been trapped in the frozen aisle in front of the ice cream and 
thought you might as well just buy both kinds 
since you can’t decide which one looks better.
Those are voices you can combat.
They are voices that tell you 
you will fail so you might as well not try
 Voices that say you won’t be able to stick with something
and are not going to succeed
Voices that tell you to give up.
Voices that say if you made a bad choice that
it’s ok to just keep making them because today is a wash anyway
and you have already failed.
I beg you
I know it’s hard but 
you need to convince yourself 
they are wrong 
and tell yourself 
something positive when you start to hear them 
You can choose what they say.
Pick something that motivates you
and makes you feel invincible.
If you need to,
write it down.
Hang it on the fridge and
your bathroom mirror.
Put one in your car
or in your purse.
Hang it on the door or near your keys
Put positive energy anywhere you think you
will see it and when you look at it 
say it out loud
You feel silly?
I know.
But believe me, you will feel a change once you start doing this
and eventually you will start believing the 
positive statements are true and those other ones 
will get quieter and quieter.
If you need some ideas of positive Statements here are some I like:
Believe you can, and you will.
I am strong.
I can do anything I decide to do.
If I am passionate I will succeed.
I am beautiful, inside and out.
Failure is not an option.
Don’t give up on yourself-you can do it
I am worth it
You like lettuce. 
Vegetables are your friend.
Put those cookies down mother-F’er  
(ok seriously if you know the 80’s movie this one comes from than
we are soul mates and meant to be best friends-just saying…)
One step at a time is the only way to get there. Keep going.

You get my drift.
Now I’m telling all of you who made it to the end of this.
You ARE worth it.
You Are amazing
You CAN do anything you decide to do.
So get out there and do it!!!
Be Heathy, Be Strong
Be Amazing!

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