Do you have a Partner?

Why are we smiling when we look so rough?
Because we just got up at 5 am and got a great workout done of course!
And no. before you ask. 
I am not a morning person and I do not LOVE getting up at 5 am
I do love my husband and he has to workout at 5 am in order to fit it into his very busy day.
I could sleep in and do mine later but we are a team.
We motivate each other, 
push each other,
encourage each other,
and provide accountability for each other.
Of course we are all capable people 
and independence is a great thing
but when working out
staying on track with a great nutrition plan
or challenging ourselves with new
health and fitness goals it helps to have a partner.
Someone to celebrate your victories with
discuss your challenges
come up with ideas to overcome hurdles
and help push you through the tough days.
So who is your partner?
Is it your mom,
a sibling
your spouse or a good friend?
Is it a trainer at the gym or
a community on my fitness pal?
If you don’t have a partner in fitness, find one
it can be life changing!
I am lucky to be married to my best friend and
that he is truly my partner in everything I do.
We ran his first race ever together
in 2009 and have been sweating side by side since then-
we are the weird people who even go for long runs together when we are on vacation!

But just because I have him does not mean I can’t help you.
If you need someone to keep you on track or accountable 
please let me know and I will be happy to be your partner!
Plus if you are looking for more than just accountability.
you want a solid plan, a workout schedule
laid out for you and a nutrition plan that will help it all come together plus the
added support of myself  and a whole group of people trying to reach their own fitness goals together consider joining one of my Beachbody Challenge groups this summer.
Follow this link or contact me at
pthbjones@gmail.com for details!


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