Prioritize your life and Reduce Stress

I recently (and by recently I mean this morning) read this blog post about becoming minimalist. I had planned to write today’s post on taking things little by little but this really resonated with me it’s short I promise so if you have a second check it out.

We are so busy being busy that it’s hard to find time for the important things. 
Those are different for everybody but for me they really just boil down to family and self. I want to take care of my family, nurture our relationships, make memories together and I am better at doing that when I take care of my self. And by that I mean stay healthy, stay relaxed, allow myself to be focused and centered and feel fulfilled. Sounds simple but that is all harder to achieve in the busy noisy world that distracts you with chores and errands and play groups and pinterest level mommy expectations!
In order to find space in your life for your priorities you first have to decide what they are. 
Then, you cut out the stuff that doesn’t matter to make time for them.
Instead of spending an hour putting together that super amazing teacher appreciation gift to send in to school give your kid a crayon and some paper and have them write a thank you note and then use the other 55 minutes to take a family walk, go on a bike ride, do a workout, meditate, cook a healthy meal from scratch, you fill in the blank here with something you constantly scratch off your list because “who has time for that”.
I say the time is there.
You just have to use it. 
Easier said than done. 
I know. 
I’m ‘busy” too and there are tons of days that I don’t get everything done but 
I choose which things gets left for tomorrow and so can you! 
So decide whats important to you and make room for it!

Whatever your priorities and however busy your life is though,
find time to relax. Stress is a huge risk factor for many health conditions.
It messes with your sleep,
your energy level and your bodies ability to function.
So whether stress relief is a quite walk in the woods, an afternoon by the water,
a glass of wine on the front porch or
a super awesome sweaty workout make sure you
add it to your week.

You control your schedule and your choices!
They don’t have to be the same as mine 
but make sure you really think about it 

and put yourself and your needs and desires on top of the list.

Have a happy healthy day! 


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