Amazing Response

I just want to say thank you to all of you for the outpouring of kind words and support after my last post.

Many of you commented on how you had no idea what I had been going through and I just want to apologize. I am generally a very guarded person and am not quick to share too much personal stuff with anyone. Somebody I was chatting with the other day described themselves as an onion and talked about the layers and how few people actually get to peel back into the softer juicy ones on the inside and I thought it was a good analogy to describe myself.

I am sorry if I kept my pain to myself or failed to ask for help when I desperately needed it. I did not want to impose or spread my bad mojo. I did not want to inconvenience you, or maybe I was just unsure if you would be there for me and I did not want to be let down. Whatever my reasons were, I’m sorry.

It was super hard to write the last post and share it with the world but I was shocked at how many people saw it and commented on it and it felt freeing. So before we continue on our happy little way talking about food and all that fun stuff I just wanted to take a minute and thank all of you for your support!

Next few posts I am planning include cauliflower soup (believe me it tastes way better than it sounds)
chicken white bean chili and homemade peanut butter….now to figure out how to get the pictures off my phone and onto the computer! So stay tuned my friends-

Have a happy day, P


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